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Founder of MindOverPain, Ryan Walsh graduated from Princeton University before being recruited to the top hedge fund in the world (and later top tech companies and a leading personal development coaching organization). His own recovery from chronic pain led him to develop a passion for helping others understand the power of their minds.

I’m not currently accepting new MindOverPain clients, but I want to get you started in the right direction so that you can feel healthy, strong, flexible, comfortable, and resilient as soon as possible.

I’m confident that you can recover and feel at least 110% of your previous best-in-your-life levels by learning what’s on this page.

I strongly recommend reading these books:

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I also recommend learning from the vast amount of helpful material produced by Tony Robbins and Abraham-Hicks.

In the United States, most people have not learned the latest medical research about mindbody interaction (i.e. we can intentionally change how our minds function in order to change how our bodies function and feel, and vice versa).

People ARE interested in it, but unfortunately most doctors and researchers do not know how to publish their findings in a way that is easy to understand.

Other doctors don’t even bother, since there is far more money to be made selling pills, gadgets, and surgeries (rather than teaching patients how they can cure themselves).

My Chronic Pain Story

For the first 25+ years of my life, I was always an athlete. I played competitive soccer, basketball, and other sports.

But by the fall of 2011 (in my late twenties), my body seemed like it was falling apart. I felt like I was 90 years old.

Pain I’d been having in my upper back became unbearable. Additionally, I started having debilitating headaches every day. Soon after, I developed crippling wrist pain (diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome), tendinitis in my elbows, knuckle problems, bursitis in my hip, and more. My eyes would twitch. I started having hemorrhoids.

All of these horrible symptoms at the same time!

I spent tons of effort, time, and money trying to figure out why my body seemed to be breaking down after having been so healthy.

I bought a $1,000 ergonomic chair, a sit-stand desk, ergonomic keyboard/mouse, and more. I wore wrist braces 24/7. Nothing helped. My wrists felt broken. They were killing me.

My back hurt so much that I needed to sit on the floor instead of the couch, and I couldn’t even hug my partner Katie.

Even after lots of visits to various health experts and lots of rehab, there was no improvement.

These challenges began to impact my work, my relationship, and my overall happiness.

I was feeling desperate.

Would my career as a software engineer come to a screeching halt because of my pain? Would I never enjoy sports again?

Eventually I learned of mindbody research. Would these theories explain what was causing my pain?

I consider myself very logical and a huge skeptic, so I’ll understand if you’re skeptical, too. But within a week of learning about mindbody interaction, my wrists felt significantly better! Just by learning!

Within months (and after more research, lots of journaling, and getting help from mindbody professionals), many of my other problems were also cured. (And I was back to playing all of my favorite sports by 2013, having cured 41 symptoms and feeling better than I’d ever felt in my life).

I hope for your sake that you give mindbody research fair consideration. Even if your local doctors haven’t learned it yet, there is no reason that you can’t.

Do you have any questions for me? Reach out.

Ryan Walsh

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