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I’m so excited to share with you a very personal story involving me (a product manager / software engineer in my late twenties) experiencing lots of physical pain and then learning an unconventional way to relieve it.

Pause here and take a minute to think of any pain, discomfort, or health-related inconvenience that you wish would go away. Are you sick? Do you get headaches? Do you have trouble sleeping? Does your back hurt when you move in a certain way? Do you have diarrhea or hemorrhoids? Are you still recovering from a painful physical injury?

If you don’t have any pain, discomfort, or anxiety in your life right now, or if it’s at a tolerable level, this article won’t help you much. But maybe you can share it with someone who is at a point of desperation. (You may have heard the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Or “Wishing for something is not enough; being truly ready for it is.”)

I’m confident that it will help dramatically.

The Short Version of the Story

I was athletic and fit and feeling great, but then I entered a steep downward spiral starting in Sept 2011: I severely broke my knee, I developed tremendous scapula pain, I had headaches every day, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis in my elbows, knuckle problems, bursitis in my hip, and more.

I spent tons of effort, time, and money trying to figure out why my body seemed to be falling apart after having been so healthy. Even after lots of visits to various health professionals and lots of rehab, there was no improvement. These challenges began to impact my happiness, my work, and my relationship.

Eventually I learned of Dr. John Sarno’s research. His theories seemed relevant and might explain what was causing my pain. I’m a huge skeptic, so I’ll understand if you’re skeptical, too. But within days of simply reading his books, I felt significantly better! Within months, many of my problems were cured. I hope for your sake that you give it fair consideration. I’m so glad that I did. As you’ll read below, many other people are glad that they did too.

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