I used to have a LinkedIn profile (at

I finally quit LinkedIn, which was a long time coming.

I’d been slowly quitting social media over the years (Instagram, then Facebook, Twitter, etc).

The documentary really moved me. 

I really respect the work that Tristan Harris has been doing. E.g.

Some people are saying I’m crazy to quit LinkedIn while I don’t have a job (and predict that I’ll fail to find a job without being on LinkedIn, which—if true—would mean LinkedIn has even more power than I thought).

But I’ve been happy so far with the decision.

As for the recommendations I received on LinkedIn from former employers (shown at, I’m glad I saved some evidence of them.

In 2021, I took this screenshot:

And this one in 2023:

The other recommendations at are from Matt Jeanes and Robert Smith, which I may have never taken screenshots of.

If there was something else you were hoping to see on my LinkedIn profile, please let me know, and I’ll see how I can help.